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Online Business Ideas in Agartala, Tripura

Online Business Ideas in Agartala

Agartala is the capital of Tripura , a another Northeastern state of India. The State is growing day by day in ecoonomy, technology and population. The State Tripura is one of the most educated state in our India. Though the Job rate is very low  compare to other state.But in this era of "Startup" and digitalization , no one have to wait for the Government Job only. Now you can start you dream job from your home also. Or you can start any startup by solving a real problem  nearby people are facing.

Let us  give you some Online Business ideas in Agartala, Which you can  even do from your home only.


Blogging is one of the most preferable online earning strategy.People are earning thousands of dollar  by  blogging. Blogging means you have to give information to the readers by writing a useful article with proper information. You can start a News Blog or NEWS site in Agartala. Where you can write about many things latest incident happenings in agartala, Upcoming events in Agartala, Entertainment in Agartala or related useful information about your state, place which readers will find useful for them.
Now the question is How you will monetize your Blog ? The people are using google adsense for monetizing their blog. In adsense google will place some ads in your site and when your readers will click on that ads, you will get money from that.  You can place local ads in your site also. And you can charge them according to the audience and publicity you are providing them.

What are the Requirements for starting a blog ?

To start a professional  blog  you need a little investment on It. And the things required is ,
  • A domain name for your blog . 
  • A decent Web Hosting .
  • A wordpress theme .
To know more about domain registration in Agartala, Web Hosting in Agartala and Web Designing Service in Agartala, you can contact our sales team. 

2.Sell Designer /customized Clothing in Agartala online :

E-commerce market is one of the biggest market right now. As people are using more smartphones the online purchasing rate is growing faster and you can say now Online shopping is in its peak point.
So if you are a designer, you design customized cloths or print customized cloths in Agartala, you can sell  lots of your product online. Yiu just need a professional website for that , and you gonna save a lots of money  than a traditional shop owner in Agartala.

The Basic step to start your online shopping website in Agartala is to find a domain name for your business. Then the second step is to setup your domain with server and design the site  and setup a payment gateway in  your site to accept payments online too. Don't worry the process are very simple.

Hostcodelab provide a unified and ultimate solution for e-commerce website. Our technical Expert will consult with you and will help you to find a "Good Domain name for Online shopping in Agartala" cause more suitable the domain name is more profitable business you can generate .

And Our web expert is there to help you out in setup your e-commerce website for Agartala with poweful  Webhosting service and Web Design that is economical and affordable for your initial startup business. 

So if you are looking for starting an E-commerce website in Agartala or Online shopping website in Agartala, Hostcode Lab has the most powerful resources which will help you to go live with your "Business"  within a few days.

HostcodeLab Expert will provide you free consulting  on :
1. How to choose a perfect domain for Online Business in Agartala.
2. What are the best web hosting plans in Agartala.
3. Best responsive and suitable website design in Agartala.
4. Search Engine optimization service to rank your online business site in Agartala.
And many more. 

You can mail us your needs and Requirements & Our Executive will connect with you shortly.

WEB HOSTING in Agartala (Price,Features,affordable hosting plans)

Web Hosting is quite a confusing term for many people. Well, it is not that difficult to crack the meaning for you. Hosting means the processor of every website. In order to have an internet presence such as the website. 

There are two things you will require, one thing is a DOMAIN NAME and the other one is A WEB HOSTING SERVICE. Domain name means the URL of your website like

Web hosting is just a term to describe the computer networking for structure required 
for you to be able to set up a website and emails. It consists of a powerful set of 
computer called service which allocated in a specially designed building,
 called DATACENTRE. 

The data centre is an address where highly trained technicians work for 24 hours. It is built with high security and resiliency. 

While choosing a WEB HOSTING there are two terms you need to be familiar with. The first term is disk space and the second term is bandwidth. Every website consists 
of certain spaces in itself. That is exactly disk space means. Bandwidth, which guards 
the amount of traffic in your website. 

When you buy web hosting service, everything is set up automatically. HostcodeLab  providing web hosting all over the country and abroad. 

Well, North East is not less than the other zones in INDIA. Web hosting in 
North East is also taking place with offering the best price among the buyers. States 
 MEGHALAYA is also taking the appreciation for implementing the secure
web hosting in best rates

web hosting plans in agartala

If you are in a northeastern zone and finding the best web hosting service provider in AGARTALA ( capital of TRIPURA state), HostcodeLab’s Affordable Web Hosting Plans are the best for your online project. Unlimited Bandwidth, 99% Uptime and 
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AGARTALA ( Based on Bhubaneswar) grabbing the good ratings nowadays.