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12 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have a Website in 2020

benefits of small business website
Benefits of Website for Small Business

Should I go for a website for my small business? 

This is the common question among business owners who runs business-like Clinics, Beauty Saloon, Coaching Center, Restaurant, Bakeries or professional services like lawyers, accountant, Medical Doctors.

If you are a small business owner and still in doubt about investing in building a website then this article is exactly for you. 

There are a dozen reasons why a small business should have a strong online presence.

The fact that will leave you shocked is that in 2016, 46% of small businesses didn’t have a website but within 2 years the percentage dropped to a staggering 29%.

So what is the reason for this change?
Why the potential customers are showing more interest in online stores?

Here are a dozen reasons that would tell you why your small business needs a website-

1. The online store is never closed 

Your website helps you to get a 24x7 online presence to sell your products and services. You never have to put a closed placard on the business once you have a business website. But it is necessary to have a skilled web development team for any type of assistance.

2. You can target a better market

The offline business not only caters you to a limited number of clients but also to limited business. The online presence will allow you to target a larger market. This increases your working hours and you can sell products and services at a minimal cost.

3. Your small business can become global 

After having an online presence your product and services will not have any geographic barrier i.e you can offer services and products globally. You can reach to many such markets and clients you would have never imagined before.

4. Your clients expect your online presence

In a survey done by Brightlocal,80% of the participants in the age group between 18-54 told that they are more likely to contact a business only if it has a website. You can be missing many clients that are looking for your products and services but couldn’t find you online. 

5. The attention of the youth towards your business

In modern times young people spend most of their time online searching, chatting and doing lots of other stuff. They never prefer offline visiting a shop over searching for a product online. So you can target these youths who keep on doing online research before buying a product.

6. You must make everyone a polymath about your brand, products, and services

The customers are keen to know what inspired you to start such a company or service and you can use this a tool because no one knows the business better than you. Add blogs to the website so that the customers think that you are providing them something worth and you are not interested only in making money.

7. Showcase the work and products you have already provided

The website provides you an opportunity to show what you and your small business have already done in the market. It will give them an idea of how your product has helped other people and businesses to solve their problems.

8. Website will save you time and money

Your website can act as the first contact with potential clients. All the queries of your clients could be easily answered through the website. The time that you will save here can be used for the development of the strategies for your business. You can save money by using digital images for your discounts and catalog services. You don’t need to do any printing business and you can even make your client aware through email.

9. The website must fulfill your brand promise

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Business owners sometimes forget that the website is the extension of their business. They need to develop a unique experience for the clients visiting their websites. You must have a professional website that reflects you are unique and separates the company from its competitors.

10. The online sales have a steep rise

According to the reports in 2016, the e-commerce industry in our country was $675 billion which means that if you don’t have an online presence you are losing a lot of money. The percentage of online sales is on the steep rise year by year. You need to have a good balance between your online and offline stores to generate a good amount of revenue.

11. All the competitors have business websites

Customers do a lot of research before buying any product, and if you don’t have a website then you are helping your competitors to gain traffic on the website. You would also fail to keep up with the latest technology and it would not be possible to make your business a success.

12. You must have customer support on your website
The interaction with your clients can be improved by having a customer support page on your website. It is very beneficial to those who cannot solve queries on the phone or can’t afford the phone service. You can also put an FAQ page for customers so that they get their queries solved by directly reading and without bothering you.

Conclusion :

Now you don’t need to wonder why a small business should have a website. I hope these reasons are enough to get your business online. 

Keep one thing in mind that it’s not just the extension of your business it also reflects your professionalism, brand and your values. 

So design a professional website that tells a story to provide the visitors with a journey from start until the whole buying process.


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